Pastor Party

Ready for the Party

Ready for the Party

Last night, the Holbrook pastors and spouses had a little Christmas party at our house. We value this group greatly. After all, there’s little that’s sweeter than sharing the joys (and occasional hardships) of life in ministry. I’m always amazed that we clergy families don’t worry about theological differences when we get together. We all just want to let our hair down (well, not too far down) with others who understand the work we do. Who doesn’t feel that way, when you get right down to it? We don’t actually have a dining room in our house, but we’ve found that if we haul the (heavy, of course) furniture out of the family room, we can set up a couple of tables in there pretty successfully. If we have a bigger group, like last night, we just use the breakfast nook, too. Of course, Jeff being Jeff, we had to play some games. We had Christmas Pictionary, then a funny contest in which we had to remember details of second, third or even fourth verses of Christmas carols, and finally, an activity in which teams built a reindeer out of panty hose and balloons–no dignity at all, but lots of fun. I hope you are having a wonderful run up to Christmas, too, whether you live in a small town, like we do, or a big city with a very different life. How good to know that in any of those settings, we are joined by the One whose birth we celebrate! Blessings to you!Jeff watches the progress of a game

The winning panty-hose reindeer

The winning panty-hose reindeer


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