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Holbrook enters Jurassic World–and gets a surprise

Where dinosaurs roam...even when they aren't supposed to!

Where dinosaurs roam…even when they aren’t supposed to!

Our nephew Andy, who is visiting from his home in Page, asked if we would like to go and see Jurassic World tonight. Of course, we grew up with the Jurassic Park movies, and we wondered if this new one would be as good. We agreed with pleasure.

The new owners of Holbrook’s Roxy Theatre now bring movies to town earlier in their run. Since this movie only premiered yesterday, we were excited to see it available here tonight. We were also excited to see the theatre–which is surprisingly large for its location in a tiny town like ours–be nearly 100% full.

The best moment in the film for our audience happened early on,when Clare (our lovely heroine) asks Owen (brave former military hero) if he can find a dinosaur by scenting it. “Lady,” he says, staring at her, “I’m Navy, not Navajo.” I wonder if the producers of the movie ever imagined a theatre filled with an audience of at least half Navajo folks hearing this line!

A ripple of hearty laughter and a few cheers ran through the audience. Everybody got a kick out of it. It aided the community feeling of the night and provided some extra fun.

Not that the movie needed it–good, corny, nostalgic fun from start to finish. A little fear and trembling was part of the appeal, a lot of wonderful digital dinosaurs that you’d swear were alive, a pack of hungry but partly trained velociraptors, two cute brothers who ran into quite a lot of trouble, and the familiar background music we’ve been humming ever since we got home.

No place like Holbrook on a Friday night, that’s what I say!