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Valentine’s Party at our House. You can tell that folks want to eat, not have their photos taken! We had a very nice time visiting and playing a few games.


New Happenings in Holbrook


We’ve been here long enough now to see community events repeat themselves, which is fun for us.

  • On Friday night, we participated in Jeff’s big Kiwanis event of the year, Quiz Night. He brought the idea from Guam, and it went really well last year. I notice people this year were referring to it as the “annual” quiz night, even though it only happened once before. People seem to like having a contest that isn’t athletic in nature, just for the change. We rounded up 26 or 27 teams of six people each this year, including two teams from our church. My team tied for second place but unfortunately didn’t get the right answer to our run-off question, so we were officially listed as Third Place. Anyway, we had a fascinating night trying to figure out the answers to our Arizona-themed questions and we donated the prize of $25 per person to Peace Lutheran Church! A picture of us is above.
  • I’m having  bit of trouble with my new blog, which focuses on gardening in this impossibly dry area where we live. I hear from people that they sign up to follow it, but never receive their notices of it being published. It’s a BlogSpot blog, so if you know anything about them, feel free to write and tell me how to do it better! (
  • We’ve had baptisms lately–two young adults in the last two weeks. John Perez, who is a guest of Bread of Life Mission down the street from our church, requested baptism after our new members’ classes. He is about 23 and has been making his way alone in the world since he was in his early teens. His spiritual growth has been very rapid since coming here. Emily Eavenson was baptized on Sunday, which also happened to be her 16th birthday. She took the decision very seriously and spent a good bit of time with Jeff, asking questions and discussing their answers. But she was ready on Sunday and embraced her new life in Christ with great enthusiasm. It’s fun to see this sort of spiritual development among our younger people.


  • I got some good news this past Saturday. There’s a new store going in here in Holbrook called the “Tractor Supply Store,” which sells all sorts of things for farm and ranch life. I’ve spent about two weeks helping folks fill out on-line applications for this new business. On Saturday, I spoke with the manager, who told me he’d hired three of my candidates! I get very wrapped up in the lives of people who come into my lab for assistance, so I was just plain delighted to hear of these new jobs for ‘my’ folks.
  • One of the women from my lab, who comes in to do schoolwork for an on-line course she is taking, has been urging me to come and see a basketball game here in town. Her son plays and is quite skillful. So, on Friday night, Jeff and I went to see our first basketball game in something like 15 years! The last time I went to games regularly was back in high school, and there are numerous rule changes and other differences from that long-ago time. What a good time it was to see the wonderfully athletic and energetic striving of the home team! And we won, which made it an especially exciting experience. The team out here looks different from the Midwestern teams we grew up cheering for–more Native American and Hispanic kids playing, more Native American and Hispanic parents in the bleachers. But there is the same desire to stand up and shout for your team. We’ll probably go again–it was fun.
  • Jeff’s out of town at the moment, appearing as a witness in a court hearing–something he doesn’t enjoy doing at all. He’ll be back tomorrow and undoubtedly will be happy to get home!
  • I went out to trim some raspberry bushes in the side yard, and sure enough, there are little buds breaking out where the lateral branches will eventually be. I wish I could tell the plants to wait a while, but they’re apparently tired of winter, too.
  • We’ve been feeding birds this winter, hanging the feeder on the same hook as the hummingbird feeder of the summer months. It happens to be right outside our dining room window, and what a show those birds do put on!

Whatever is occupying your winter, I hope you are enjoying it! Blessings from Holbrook!