Who’s that Knocking at my Door?

ImagePicture this: it’s late on Christmas eve, and the last of the expected family members have just arrived. In the midst of our hugs and laughter, the doorbell rings. We pull open the door, wondering who would have the audacity to come at this late hour, on this special night. Outside the door in heavy fleece and Green Bay Packer cap stands our son from Guam, Andrew. He wasn’t expected to make it back half-way around the world, but he’d taken some vacation from work, spent some time with friends in Texas, and then got to Holbrook on Christmas Eve. After the tears and the welcome embraces, I asked my daughter if she had known he was coming. “We all knew except you and Dad. We couldn’t wait for him to get here!” What a welcome surprise he was! Other than our sadly-missed granddaughter, Kayla, who was in Washington, we were all together for Christmas. What a gift!

But another surprise would add to the joy of Christmas dinner the next day. Matt and Arlene announced their intention to marry within the next year! Every face at the table reflected happiness at the announcement, none more so than Matt and Arlene themselves.

Our new daughter-to-be was born in the Philippines, the eldest child in a large and beautiful family. She’s lived in the US her whole adult life, is an engineer by training, and works at Chase with Matt, though in different areas. To our delight, she’s an active Christian with a tremendous heart for others. And she’s fun–enthusiastic, smart, and up for anything. This couple realize they aren’t children any more, and they both know how fortunate they are to have found one another. We know, too, and are so pleased by their relationship. We’re looking forward to a wedding soon. You can see the happy couple in the photo below.


And finally, the Johnson clan is shown below:


Hope all your Christmas surprises were good ones, too–and Happy New Year!


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