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Life Changes–and Things that Stay the Same

My head spins with the changes in our lives these days. Does yours?
–A couple on Guam, whom we love like our own children, added a son to their family last week, bringing the total of their children to five. They hadn’t exactly planned this late addition, but God planned it. Merry Christmas, Joe and Angie!
–Our son Matt brought change to our Thanksgiving table in the person of Arlene, a woman he’s been dating for the past year. She’s fun, lively, and loving, and she fit right into the family circle. Of course, being a mom, I had to ask–is she the one? Wait and see, he told me. But she’s coming again for Christmas and I can’t help wondering…well, I’ll keep you posted. We’re definitely in favor!
–Concern for our own health led Jeff and I to change our diet and health practices about a month ago. We aren’t finished changing them, either. Doing it, but not loving that change too much. Ugh.
–Son Joe and his Brenda are growing increasingly concerned about Brenda’s parents, who are older and a bit fragile. One option is a possible move to California to help out. I applaud their sense of responsibility, and yet my heart aches at the thought of them not being nearby. Not all change is joyful, even when it is right.
–My first seed catalog came last week. It’s time to start thinking of the changes I want to make in the garden next summer. Sometimes I read articles about ‘extending the gardening season.’ I don’t want to extend it. I want to get away from the work and the worry of gardening for a few months so that I feel enthusiastic when that first catalog arrives. I need that change of pace.
–You know how it is. You have lots of friends you know well enough, and then, if you’re fortunate, you develop a tiny handful of truly special friends. You tell them whatever’s on your heart, you laugh harder with them than anyone else, you keep up with one another’s families. They form the cornerstones of your support network. Yesterday, one of my four or five closest lifetime friends died. I’m glad we’ve kept in touch during her illness, and that our last conversation blessed us both. Her faith beckoned me and many others to a closer walk with Christ. I know her destination. But I wept when I ran across one of the recipe cards in my collection with her name on it yesterday afternoon. The world–my world, anyway–is impoverished by her loss. Certain changes cause an impact that we’ll feel for the rest of our lives.
–This morning during my devotions, an old idea hit me with renewed power. Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. Like a star that stands still while all the rest orbit restlessly, He offers stability that does not, and will not, change. No matter what else happens, good or bad, he is a true North Star, the unchanging point of reference by which we navigate through the changes of our days. May the Christmas stars of this season remind you of the One who does not change.