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A Glorious Spring Garden

San Diego Botanical Garden 108  If you are a gardener, like I am, this is a roller coaster time of year. One day it’s snowy and bitter, the next it’s a balmy 65 degrees and spring pretends to have arrived. A gardener can’t plant anything yet and it’s too early to start seeds for transplants. About all you can do is water on warm days–not a very interesting task. Ugh! Hurry up, Spring!

My kind husband took me with him while he attended a meeting in San Diego last week. I explored a huge garden center there and looked at all the plants I’d like to have that would last about 20 monutes in our climate. I stayed in the room one morning and read a novel. But one day I decided to brave the California freeways and go to the San Diego Botanical Garden. I’m not a very confident driver, but I longed to be in a garden that was already up and growing.

What a delightful place it turned out to be! All by myself, I wandered through from tropical bamboo to desert succulents, thankful to see the bright colors and smell the living earth. Birds appeared to be having a convention of some kind there, and the air rang with their calls. Mm-m-m. Just what I needed. There’s an old poem that concludes “You are nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.” It felt true to me that day in San Diego.

I thought I’d post a few photos from that garden, just in case you need a taste of spring, too.

What a color!

Both desert and tropical plants and flowers are featured here. What colors!

San Diego Botanical Garden 090San Diego Botanical Garden 093

San Diego Botanical Garden 037