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Life in Radiator Springs

    Ever seen the movie Cars? The majority of the action takes place in Radiator Springs, a former boomtown now An old car marks the former site of Route 66gone bust because the freeway bypassed it to save ten minutes of driving time. You probably giggled over the silly hick cars and the Cozy Cone Motel in Radiator Springs during the movie. But you may not have known that Radiator Springs had a real town (or a series of them) as its inspiration–or at least that’s what my neighbors tell me. And as of January 4, 2012, I live there. I’m told Radiator Springs actually grew out of the sad story of Holbrook, Arizona, a former hot spot on Route 66 but now a backwater community of just over 5000 because of the decision to build I-40 and bypass the town. And those Cozy Cones?  Yep, they’re here. If I drive a block from my house, turn left and head down the hill to the business district, I see the Wigwam Motel a few blocks away, teepees and all.

     Holbrook is small, of course, and no one would call it prosperous, but like Radiator Springs, it’s a friendly town with people willing to come alongside with support and encouragement. Outsiders sometimes think nothing happens in a small town, and in some ways, that’s empirically demonstrable. If you look closer, though, there’s a lot happening. Quite often on this blog, we’ll focus on what’s happening here in Radiator Springs. Maybe you live in a big city and have lived there all your life. Maybe you now live in an urban area, but you grew up in a small town. Maybe you, too, are a small town resident–happy about that fact or not. Whoever you are, I think you’ll enjoy the stories.

Because I’m a writer as well as a small town resident, part of the blog will also focus on other writers and writing. Because I’m an active Lutheran Christian, we’ll talk also about small town churches and their place in the Kingdom. And because I love to cook, eat, and talk about food, we’ll occasionally spend a day on that topic. Come on and join me, At Home in Holbrook. New entries will normally be posted each Wednesday.